There is a saying in the industry - "garbage in, garbage out" - meaning if you don't know your stuff, and I mean KNOW YOUR STUFF when it comes to bookkeeping, you will likely create a mess! I've seen it firsthand many times. And these messes end up costing time and money to clean up. Not fun for anyone (except me who loves that kind of a challenge!)

Luckily, I am seasoned and proficient in QuickBooks and as a Certified ProAdvisor you can be sure that I am only creating clean, useful information for management in the most efficient (meaning cheapest because bookkeepers charge by the hour) way possible.

Already using different software? Or Excel? Or none at all? I can offer clients a 50% discount on QuickBooks Online subscriptions! I can assist with the transition of data as well. Or you can just stick with what's working (if it is working that is). I have experience using SAGE and am highly proficient with Excel spreadsheets too.

Payroll, HST, WSIB, CRA

Other services I offer include:


  • processing payroll and deductions

  • calculating and paying remittances

  • preparing T4 and T5 slips

  • preparing ROE forms


  • calculating and filing returns

  • calculating and paying instalments


  • calculating and reporting premiums

  • calculating and filing annual reconciliations


  • communications with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)

  • submitting documents to CRA

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