What are your hours?

Monday through Friday 9 am to 4 pm. But I like to respond to emails and texts late at night too.

What are your prices?

My prices can be obtained by reaching out to me with your specific needs.

Why do you work remotely?

I love our planet and want to keep it functioning for my future grandchildren and beyond. Remote work saves the planet from fossil fuels and needless paper waste. Not to mention the time savings for everyone involved. You no longer need to drive tax slips to your accountant 30 minutes away (that's over an hour of your time wasted!). It takes less than a minute to send an email. So send your email then enjoy a 59 minute siesta!

I am always open to having a zoom meeting if a face-to-face is needed. I am physically located in Georgina, Ontario and am happy to schedule a meeting in person as well.

Is that your dog pictured above?

YES! That's our pup, Vinny! He is a rambunctious little guy but we love him dearly. He brings much laughter into our lives.

My books are a mess. Can you help?

Yes please! I have a lot of experience in this area and I actually enjoy the challenge. I know, you think I am weird.

As a CPA won't you be more expensive than another bookkeeper?

Yes and no. I have structured my pricing to be competitive with other service providers. Since bookkeeping is one of my favorite areas of accounting, I am happy to charge a competitive hourly rate for this type of work. And even if my hourly rate comes in higher than someone else, you must consider that my experience and expertise enables me to perform tasks quickly and efficiently, thereby saving you money.

Why are some other tax preparers cheaper?

Others may be cheaper, but Chartered Professional Accountants often find significant tax savings that can be missed or even have been missed in prior years.

I haven't filed my taxes in years. Should I?

Definitely consult with a professional here. You may be entitled to a significant refund! Or sometimes we can communicate with CRA to help reduce any penalties and interest before filing. I offer discounts on multiple-year filings.

Let's work together

See something you like or have comments or feedback? Let's talk.

Remember I offer free consultations.